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Hello! So you are thinking about joining The Rangers Football Club Supporters Association, that’s great news. Or you are already a member and need to register onto our new existing digital-based network to allow your Rangers Supporters Club vital access to the Private Members areas of the website, where Association news and discussions involving other Rangers Supporters Clubs take place.

Okay, Let me help you with that. Did you know that The Rangers Football Club Supporters Association is the oldest democratic and independent Rangers Supporters Group in the world, founded in 1946 in Glasgow to promote, support and advocate for Rangers Supporters across the United Kingdom and further afield.

The Rangers Football Club Supporters Association is run by unpaid volunteers whose focus is on operational issues relating to the practicalities of the running of a Rangers Supporters Club. The Association also assists individual supporters to find a Rangers Supporters Club nearest to them and encourages them to join.

The Rangers football club Supporters Association regularly meet with the directors of Rangers Football Club and other relevant parties associated with attending Rangers matches wherever Rangers play. Any issues raised by Rangers Supporters Clubs are conveyed to relevant parties and feedback is communicated to member clubs. The Association’s goals include promoting close interaction amongst Rangers Supporters Clubs both operationally and socially.

Come join us now. It's simple. Just watch what I do to register, you only need to register once. Thereon you only have to simply log in to access all areas of the site. Once you have registered someone will contact you. We Look forward to seeing you at our next Rangers Football Club Supporters Association meeting, where it will be good to chat with you and hear what your Rangers Supporters Club has to say. Don’t worry if you cant make the physical meeting, you can join the meeting via Teams/Zoom.


After registration, if you have any further questions or would like more information please click the and email us. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

Okay ready we shall begin with Registration……………………


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