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For over 77 years, the Rangers FC Supporters Club Executive Committee have met on a regular basis. Meetings originally took place in Glasgow City Centre before moving to premises in the Gorbals Area of Glasgow, then onto premises in Rutland Crescent, Glasgow before moving in 1972 to a purpose-built Office and Social Club at 250 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow which was officially opened by George Brown who was a Rangers Director at that time.

Our Executive Committee now meet in the board room at Ibrox stadium, and our Representative Council meetings are held in the Tradeston Ex-Servicemen’s Club just a short distance from Ibrox Stadium.

During the last 77 years The Rangers FC Supporters Association have witnessed many changes in the footballing world and society in general. The Association’s flexibility as an organisation demonstrated over the years, adapting to Supporters Clubs needs relevant at that time in history, is a credit in equal proportions to previous Executive Committees, Representative councils, and the Member Supporter Clubs themselves.

During Rangers football Clubs 150+ years and the Associations 77 years history there has always been one constant. The loyal and proud fans of Rangers FC. The Rangers FC Supporters Association look forward to serving the Rangers Fans for many years to come and we promise to be as flexible and resilient as our forefathers.


The Rangers Rally’s are fondly remembered by many fans of a certain age, and we had a very successful Rally Dinner in October 2015, in the Thornton Suite at Ibrox, when the Rangers Management and some players were in attendance. This was followed annually by successful Rally Dinners, including our 70th Anniversary in 2016, quite a milestone in our history.


As a result of Rally Dinners, we were delighted to hand over Cheques of £500 each to The Erskine Fund and the Rangers Charity Foundation following each event.

Unfortunately, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic meant that there was no 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2021. 

Long before Rangers Supporters Clubs existed in the form as we recognise them today, Rangers supporters still congregated and left together to travel to Ibrox Park from all over Glasgow on horse drawn carts. Flags and banners were proudly displayed as the Brake Clubs made their way through the streets of Glasgow. Travelling to football matches in large groups is Part of the Rangers culture and Rangers Supporters Clubs are ensuring this tradition continues. With social, financial and environmental benefits, Rangers Supporter Clubs continue to offer modern supporters this fantastic service, which gives everyone involved with The Rangers FC Supporters Association an immense source of pride. 

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