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Thanks to the Founders

The current Rangers FC Supporters Association [Est 1946] members are grateful to the founders of the Association for their foresight in forming what is now the oldest supporters association in the world. We would also like to thank all the previous volunteers of The Rangers FC Supporters Association for their time, enthusiasm and their effort over the years, ensuring that the organisation has grown and evolved into the modern-dynamic Supporters Association that it is today, as always proudly serving Rangers Supporters Clubs near and far.  


Thanks to all Rangers Supporters Clubs

The Rangers FC Supporters Association would like to thank everyone who's involved with the running of a Rangers FC Supporters Club. This service is vital for many fans in terms of getting to football at Ibrox, away games in Scotland around the UK and away to European fixtures. The running of such an organisation is time-consuming and extremely hard work, but also very rewarding. The social benefits of being involved with a Rangers Supporters Club can't be underestimated. We are only too aware of restrictions imposed during the pandemic and the impact of restricted interaction and the effect it had on us all. Rangers Supporters Clubs bring many benefits to the local area where supporters congregate, through supporting local businesses and transport companies. Also, Rangers Football Club relies on RSC’s making logistical arrangements to ferry tens of thousands of fans to and from games. Many of these pickup points for supporters are outwith public transport capabilities and The RSCs ensure that a service is provided to enable fans that want to get to the games can do so at a very respectable cost.  On behalf of the entire Association we extend our greatest gratitude for your efforts and hope that if you are not already a member of the Rangers FC Supporters Association, then please come and join like-minded RSCs organisers

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Instructions to Register

New and Existing Member Clubs should register on the site   SIGN UP   to ensure that your Rangers FC Supporters Club has access to vital private information shared within The Rangers Supporters Association. New members will be granted access to the private member's page when they have been approved for membership by the Executive Committee of the Rangers Supporters Club. Initially, only one person needs to enquire on behalf of your Rangers Supporters Club to join The Rangers FC Supporters Association, then when your Rangers Supporters Club has been approved you must register a second person   HERE   from your Rangers Supporters Club. 


Make a Donation

If you would like to donate any sum of money to The Rangers FC Supporters Association to assist the running costs of the Association, please click here

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Thanks to our Sponsors

Thank you from everyone at The Rangers FC Supporters Association for your continued loyalty. Your famous establishment is part of the wider Rangers family and we are very honoured to have you as part of the Rangers FC Supporters Association, and with your financial support, we are well placed to strongly and professionally represent Rangers Supporters Clubs from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.


The Current Executive Committee of The Rangers FC Supporters Association is well aware of their obligations in terms of ensuring that everything is done to positively promote and stand up for member Rangers Supporters Clubs. Whilst fully aware of the privileged position they hold when representing The Rangers FC Supporters Association and the entire 7000 plus fans of the Member Clubs who are active and loyal supporters of Glasgow Rangers Football Club, the Executive does so diligently and in line with the historical Constitution of The Rangers FC Supporters Association.

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