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The objects of the Association are:

1. To provide an organisation for Rangers FC Supporters to voice their comments and be respectfully heard. Where required elevate the supporter's comments/concerns to the Executive Committee of the Rangers FC Supporters Association, who shall advocate for our members by engaging and corresponding with the relevant parties.


2. To promote the common interests of its members and to adopt such procedures as deemed necessary to do so effectively and respectfully.


​3. To work with Rangers FC and any other relevant organisations to ensure that the views of the Rangers FC Supporters Association are heard, with the aim of all matters raised by the RFCSA being taken into consideration by other organisations. Feedback from other organisations including Rangers FC is communicated back to members as soon as is possible.


4. To provide a platform to promote Rangers Supporters Clubs in the UK and around the world.


5. Make use of technology to effectively communicate information to Rangers Supporters.


6. Raise funds solely to service administration costs associated with operating such an association. Accounts are available to members for inspection at written request.


7. All members of the Association are unpaid volunteers.


8. Promote social functions of The Rangers FC Supporters Association and member Rangers Supporters Clubs.


9. Encourage individual Rangers Supporters to join their local Rangers Supporters Club. 


10. Provide considered timely official public announcements on matters affecting Rangers supporters.

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